Travel Media Relations

Travel Media Relations, written by Tourism BC, will help you understand how to use local and international travel media to maximize your promotional efforts and your tourism business exposure.

Tourism Ads & Brochures that Sell

Ads & Brochures that Sell, written by Tourism BC, focuses on two important business tools—brochures and print ads.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management, written by Tourism BC, provides a guide to social networking and it’s effect on the tourism industry.

Engaging Your Audience on Social Media

Your social media audience behave much the way the guests at a dinner party do. Good conversations are started and continued by those that engage in a warm and accessible way. No one talks the inaccessible bragging guy with slick hair.

How to Use YouTube as an Effective Marketing Tool for Your Small Business

With over 1 billion unique visitors each month, YouTube is a platform that every small business owner should consider as part of their marketing strategy. After all, most potential customers would much rather watch an informative video of your company's products and services than reading a lengthy sales letter.  Not […]

The 80/20 Rule to Increasing Sales

The 80/20 rule is a simple way of looking at your sales and profit figures to identify the largest sources of contribution. By adopting the principle you’re going to feel like you’re ignoring something, but that’s because you are. It might be irritating at first, but once you start to really analyze your business, you will see not all customers are created equal.

Facebook Advertising for Small Business

Flexible pricing options, great audience targeting, and an amazing user base makes Facebook Adverts an excellent tool to market your small business. Last year, Facebook reported over 1.3 billion active monthly users – with half of those people using Facebook every day.  They also claim their app is on 75 […]

Is Your Small Business RFP Ready?

Want to start doing business with the BC Provincial Government? For many people the first question is where do I start? The simple answer is Not only is BC Bid a great way to look for BC Provincial Government opportunities, it is also utilized by municipalities and broader public sector organizations sourcing suppliers as well.

Sometimes, It’s All Eyes On YOU

2014 was a busy year for  Conscious PR Inc. So, with all that extra media time under our belts, we thought we would share our thoughts on mastering the media. If you would rather not be within a mile’s radius of a TV camera or recorder, this blog will help you. […]

Marketing and Sales Strategies for 2015

The holidays are over. January is here and with that comes tightened belts and promises to be more accountable for your money. So how do you keep the momentum of holiday sales and what will be the trends and ideas that will shape sales strategies in 2015?