Gerry Spitzner

Seminar Speaker

Gerry Spitzner is an optimist with a natural curiosity for improving life and business results. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Drawing on 35+ years experience in multi-site retail operations, independent store ownership and the wholesale supply-chain; Gerry brings the leadership, knowledge and market awareness of business development to retail and small business owners helping them achieve growth objectives. He teaches and inspires retailers to achieve results by aligning their vision with marketing strategy and operational execution.

Fascinated with a lifelong curiosity for why customers buy and a passion for retail; Gerry guides leaders and organizations to create, engage and keep great customers by delivering the promise of an extraordinary customer experience.   He has devoted his life to sharing his thinking with other leaders to manage market analysis and build business plans that increase profitability and create competitive advantage with systems to implement.